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Code Name Level Credits
AAI002 Internship Undergraduate Studies 3.00
AAP353 Interior Organization and Design [2 daļas] Undergraduate Studies 6.00
AAP456 Synthesis of Architectural Space Post-graduate Studies 6.00
AAP511 Interior of Residential and Public Buildings Post-graduate Studies 3.00
AAP512 Architectural and Urban Development Projects I [2 daļas] Post-graduate Studies 21.00
AAP554 Street Furniture and Design Post-graduate Studies 3.00
AAP702 Architectural Design IV Undergraduate Studies 4.50
AAP704 Design studio Undergraduate Studies 9.00
AAP707 Space Design Post-graduate Studies 9.00
AAR501 Methods of Renovation and Transformation of Buildings Post-graduate Studies 3.00
AAR700 Art Deco style and the aesthetics in the total view of twentieth century modernist architecture Post-graduate Studies 3.00
AAR701 History of Architecture and Art Undergraduate Studies 4.50
AAR702 History of Architecture Post-graduate Studies 3.00
AAR703 Architecture and Society Undergraduate Studies 3.00
AAV510 The Reconstruction and Renovation Methods of Architectural Objects Post-graduate Studies 3.00
AD0001 User-Centered Design Post-graduate Studies 5.00
AD0002 Pedagogics,Ehics and Methodology of Scientific Work Doctoral Studies 12.00
AD0003 Theory of Architecture and Urban Planning Doctoral Studies 10.00
AD0004 History of Architecture and Urban Planning Doctoral Studies 10.00
AD0005 Contemporary World Architecture Doctoral Studies 10.00
AD0006 Architectural Design I [2 daļas] Undergraduate Studies 16.00
AD0007 Applied Graphics Undergraduate Studies 4.00
AD0008 Two-dimensional and Three-dimensional Space Modeling Undergraduate Studies 4.00
AD0009 Industrial Collections Development I Undergraduate Studies 4.00
AD0010 Introduction to Study Field Undergraduate Studies 1.00
AD0011 Analysis of Woven Fabric Structures Undergraduate Studies 4.00
AD0012 Clothing Material Science (Study Project) Undergraduate Studies 4.00
AD0013 Research of Fabrics Modified by Multi-Systems Yarns Doctoral Studies 7.00
AD0014 Teaching Assistant Practice in Speciality Doctoral Studies 7.00
AD0015 Textile Materials Science Undergraduate Studies 4.00
AD0016 Research in Clothing Technology Doctoral Studies 7.00
AD0017 Methodology of Clothing Design Doctoral Studies 7.00
AD0018 Timberworks Technology (study project) [2 daļas] Undergraduate Studies 10.00
AD0019 Clothing Comfort Doctoral Studies 7.00
AD0020 Theorethical Aspects of Design Doctoral Studies 7.00
AD0021 Textile material Research Doctoral Studies 7.00
AD0022 Conceptual Models of Fibre Materials and Product Design Doctoral Studies 7.00
AD0023 Advanced Textile Technologies Doctoral Studies 7.00
AD0024 Designing of Wood Products [2 daļas] Undergraduate Studies 7.00
AD0025 Basic Principles of Knitting Technology and Tricot Structures Design Undergraduate Studies 4.00
AD0026 Technology and Bases of a Yarn Design Undergraduate Studies 4.00
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