DSP719 Bachelor thesis

Code DSP719
Name Bachelor thesis
Status Graduation Test
Level and type Undergraduate Studies, Academic
Academic staff Agris Ņikitenko, Jānis Grundspeņķis
Credit points 10.0 (15.0 ECTS)
Parts 1
Annotation Bachelor thesis is original research made by the author with elements of scientific research in the field of information and telecommunication technologies dedicated to the assigned theme. In the thesis student systematize, widens and strengthens acquired theoretical knowledge and confirms theoretical maturity, demonstrates skills to apply theory in practice. .
Goals and objectives
of the course in terms
of competences and skills
The thesis goal is to provide an opportunity to conduct research, to make justified decisions, to outline and present in argumented and logic way acquired results, proving abilities to make a research and discuss on high professional level using acquired knowledge
Learning outcomes
and assessment
Is able to analyze, classify, compare scientific and technical ideas represented by appropriate papers according to the thesis goals. - Compliance with thesis assignment, positive assessments of reviewer and scientific supervisor about literature scientific analysis and review
Is able to apply methods, methodologies, technologies, robotic systems, development tools un control software for solving different tasks - Positive assessments of reviewer and scientific supervisor about the used methods, methodologies etc. for solving assigned tasks
Is able to formulate problems existing in research area, is able to assume and justify the investigated problems and their solutions - Clearly outlined and justified the investigated problems
Is able to integrate acquired knowledge and experience to solve the identified problems. - Positive assessments of reviewer and scientific supervisor about the proposed solutions
Is ably to ground the proposed solutions with sound arguments - Positive assessments of reviewer and scientific supervisor about the analyzed, proposed and possibly elaborated solutions for one or more identified problems.
Is able to present and discuss using sound arguments about the aspects of the thesis in front of public auditorium - Thesis complies with formatting rules. Has presentation that describes the essence of the thesis and results. Accomplished public defense with sound arguments and answers on the givens questions.

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